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      Long term storage of vacuum sucker
      Column:Industry information Time:2019-01-23

      Long term storage of vacuum suction cup:

      If the vacuum suction cup is stored for a long time, in order to prevent the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder from rusting, the working device shall be placed on the ground; the whole machine shall be cleaned and stored in a dry indoor environment; if the condition is limited to outdoor storage, the machine shall be placed on a well drained cement ground; before storage, fill up the fuel tank, lubricate all parts, change the hydraulic oil and oil, and the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder Apply a thin layer of grease to the exposed surface, remove the negative terminal of the battery, or remove the battery for separate storage. Add proper proportion of antifreeze to the cooling water according to the minimum temperature; start the engine once a month and operate the machine, so as to lubricate all parts of the spring hanger and charge the battery at the same time.

      The vacuum sucker travel oil pump is a bi-directional variable displacement piston pump, which simultaneously drives the two-way variable displacement motors of the vibrating wheel and the left and right wheels. Turn the travel speed selection switch (on the instrument panel in the cab) to select the travel speed range of the roller (the same as bw217d, there are four travel speed ranges), and each speed range can operate the travel pull rod to achieve stepless speed regulation. The driving rod is also the control rod of the forward and backward reversing device. The vacuum suction cup can change the driving direction smoothly, and the operation is very simple.

      In the fourth quarter of last year, PPI decline narrowed month by month. Many people regard this as a sign of economic recovery. If this logic is tenable, then the sudden increase of price drop in January this year indicates that the economic situation has begun to deteriorate. This year's economic growth rate is lower than last year's. The growth rate in the first quarter is between 6.8% and 7%. PPI will continue to decline. Generally speaking, it is still bearish on the economy and the stock market as always. As for CPI, it seems to be the same as last month, but the content is slightly different. It can be seen that the increase in food prices has narrowed significantly, but the increase in non food prices has increased quietly. The same CPI, but the composition is different. In the past, CPI increase was mainly caused by food factors, but non food price increase has another meaning.

      The two sessions will be held in another two weeks. Everyone is very concerned about the macro policy orientation. However, we may not get a clear answer in the two sessions. First of all, China's economy has entered a vacuum suction bottle neck period, the slowdown of external demand cannot be changed, the "four trillion" old accounts need to be repaid, and structural adjustment has not been grasped, all of which make the decision-makers in a dilemma. At present, the biggest problem is that in order to avoid the debt crisis, the market interest rate needs to be reduced, but the reduction of interest rate may lead to the outflow of hot money and the decline of asset price. As long as the formation mechanism of China's basic currency remains unchanged, there will be no theoretical breakthrough in our understanding of inflation. The economy is bound to continue to decline, and financial shocks may occur at any time.

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