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      Working principle of vacuum generator
      Column:Industry information Time:2019-01-23

      The working principle of Venturi tube is applied in the vacuum generator. When the compressed air enters from the supply port, it will produce acceleration effect when passing through the narrow nozzle inside, so as to flow through the diffusion chamber at a faster speed. At the same time, the air in the diffusion chamber will be driven to flow out together with the air in the diffusion chamber. Because the air in the diffusion chamber will flow out together with the compressed air When the vacuum pipe is connected to the vacuum suction port, the vacuum generator can draw vacuum from the vacuum pipe.

      After the air in the diffusion chamber flows out of the diffusion chamber together with the compressed air and flows through the diffuser, as the air circulation space increases gradually, the air pressure from the exhaust port decreases rapidly and merges into the ambient air. At the same time, as the acceleration air will generally produce a large noise when it flows out of the exhaust port, a muffler is usually installed at the exhaust port of the vacuum generator to reduce the noise of the compressed air.

      Pro tips:

      When the car is driving at high speed, if there are passengers smoking in the car, if the car sunroof is opened, does the smoke flow out of the sunroof quickly? Well, is this effect very similar to the vacuum generator.