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    1. HOTLINE:0086-21-55091019 
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      • Craft Apprentice


        1. Take full charge of human resource management, plan, guide and coordinate the human resource management and organization construction of the company, and provide suggestions and schemes related to human resource strategy and organization construction to senior decision makers of the company;

        2. Improve the human resource system of enterprises and implement effective human resource policies;

        3. Improve and implement human resource management system;

        4. Formulate, implement and supervise the personnel management system of the company, ensure the fairness and justice of the system, clear rewards and punishments, clear rights and responsibilities, have rules to follow, motivate the team to operate efficiently and normatively;

        5. Be responsible for the formulation of human resource management policies, strengthen the management of human resource cost, and strengthen the ability of business monitoring and management;

        6. Be able to deal with major human resource issues in the company's management process in a timely manner, and establish and continuously improve the company's talent echelon construction;

        7. Formulate the principles and plans for the construction of corporate culture system, and build corporate culture in a unified way.


        1. Bachelor degree or above, major in human resources or economics or management;

        2. More than 7 years of relevant working experience, more than 2 years of HRD / HRM working experience in large enterprises, especially in the Internet industry;

        3. Have received systematic training in strategic human resource management, management ability development, etc;

        4. Understand the human resource management mode of enterprises and the accumulation of practical experience, and be familiar with relevant national policies, laws and regulations;

        5. Strong work planning, high execution, sense of responsibility and high sense of career;

        6. Affinity, strong motivation, communication, coordination, team leadership;

        7. Good interpersonal skills, organization and coordination ability, and the ability to solve complex problems.

        Address: Zhongda e-commerce Park, No.39, Xinchang Road, Xinyang street, Haicang District