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    1. HOTLINE:0086-21-55091019 

      ABOUT US

      ABOUT US

      Yonsha Co., Limited is a technology-oriented manufacturer in China specialized in vacuum components and equipments.

      Suction cups, vacuum solenoid valves, ejectors, vacuum lifters and spare parts are our main products. They are widely used in industries such as new energy, tunnel, aviation, steel, glass, automobile, packing, electronic components, foods, cosmetic & printing. They are all of high quality and can compete with similar products made in USA and Europe. And most of them have got the patents awarded by SIPO. Our business has already extended to dozens of countries & regions overseas.

      We have established long-term and stable cooperation relationships with the organizations like CTG, CAC, SJTU. Our products are successfully used in the Nanjing Yangtze river tunnel, Wuxi subway, Taishan nuclear power station, the commercial aircraft drilling bases robots & the labs of our famous scientific universities.

      With practical and realistic attitude, innovative spirit, we will keep our products & service high qualified, to contribute to your attention and support.